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What People Say?

Prakash Upreti

“ Since my early childhood, an essence has enhanced the taste of my food, and #GhailaOil has been behind it for decades in my family. ”

Naman Kunwar

“ I'm fond of chicken biriyani. The mixture of Ghails rice and oil makes the best biriyani at home. I stopped going to restaurants. ”

Pramod Mehta

“ The food cooked with Ghaila oil has a great taste. I love eating curry cooked in mustard oil. My doctor says it is best for skin & bone. ”

Aarju Wagle

“ The delicious taste starts with Ghaila brand rice. Rice pudding is my favorite food. Ghaila's basmati rice makes food tasty & healthy. ”

Diwas Poudel

“ Love the convenience of Mixy and the user-friendly service. The produce is always fresh.”

Chudaraj Poudel

“ I no longer crave restaurant foods when I can enjoy this culinary delight from the comfort of home.Thanks to Ghails rice and oil. ”

Rimesh Bhattarai

“ Growing up, the aroma of #GhailaOil filled our kitchen, infusing our meals with a special flavor that has been a part of our family.”

Isha Sunam

“ #GhailaOil has been the secret ingredient that has added depth and richness to our family recipes.”

Hem Narayan Sah

“ Ghaila rice paired with their signature oil has become the cornerstone of my homemade food items, surpassing any restaurant version I've ever tasted.”

Sushma Majhi

“ From my earliest memories, a touch of magic has always elevated the flavors of my meals, courtesy of #GhailaOil, a beloved tradition in my family for generations.”

Nirajan Dahal

“ As far back as I can recall, #GhailaOil has been the special touch that has made every meal unforgettable. ”

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